BONES DON’T READ THIS ok this one’s for spock. you know how you always say fascinating and you’re like “fascinating” and sometimes you’re like “fascinating” and you raise your eyebrow and you’re thinking “fascinating” and ok bones isn’t reading this anymore i definitely touched some flowers on the away mission when bones made me promise not to. my hand is purple and kinda glowing. we gotta fix this


We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you … Vulcan Kisses



I put together some vulcan smooches for you, because I love you.

Vulcan husband-wife kiss:



Vulcan mother-child kiss:



Sexy vulcan makeout:


ooh yeah get some

Vulcan—wait what


what are are you doing


oh my god




yeah so I don’t know what this equates to in human terms


but I’m pretty sure if you did it in public on Vulcan it would get you arrested


DS9 Season 3 episode 11


BASHIR: What is this place?
SISKO: A Sanctuary District.
BASHIR: Twenty first century history is not one of my strong points. Too depressing.
SISKO: It’s been a hobby of mine. They made some ugly mistakes, but they also paved the way for a lot of the things we take now for granted.
BASHIR: I assume this is one of those mistakes.
SISKO: A bad one. By the early twenty twenties there was a place like this in every major city in the United States.
BASHIR: Why are these people in here? Are they criminals?
SISKO: No. People with criminal records weren’t allowed in the Sanctuary Districts.
BASHIR: Then what did they do to deserve this?
SISKO: Nothing. They’re just people without jobs or places to live.
BASHIR: So they get put in here?
SISKO: Welcome to the twenty first century, Doctor.


MAN: Our sea floor mining project is almost ready to go into operation. The Pan-Caribbean government did have some misgivings, but I think we’ve won them over. I hear you just came back from Christchurch?
CHRIS: Yes. Did a little skiing on Mount Cook.
WOMAN: You’re lucky. We had to cancel our trip to the Alps this year because of the student protests in France.
CHRIS: I thought the Neo-Trotskyists were going to put a stop to that.
WOMAN: They’re not having any more luck that the Gaullists did.
MAN: Europe is falling apart.
WOMAN: Well, at least we don’t have to worry about that kind of thing here.
DAX: Don’t count on it.


Predicting the future as ever.