DS9 Season 3 episode 11


BASHIR: What is this place?
SISKO: A Sanctuary District.
BASHIR: Twenty first century history is not one of my strong points. Too depressing.
SISKO: It’s been a hobby of mine. They made some ugly mistakes, but they also paved the way for a lot of the things we take now for granted.
BASHIR: I assume this is one of those mistakes.
SISKO: A bad one. By the early twenty twenties there was a place like this in every major city in the United States.
BASHIR: Why are these people in here? Are they criminals?
SISKO: No. People with criminal records weren’t allowed in the Sanctuary Districts.
BASHIR: Then what did they do to deserve this?
SISKO: Nothing. They’re just people without jobs or places to live.
BASHIR: So they get put in here?
SISKO: Welcome to the twenty first century, Doctor.


MAN: Our sea floor mining project is almost ready to go into operation. The Pan-Caribbean government did have some misgivings, but I think we’ve won them over. I hear you just came back from Christchurch?
CHRIS: Yes. Did a little skiing on Mount Cook.
WOMAN: You’re lucky. We had to cancel our trip to the Alps this year because of the student protests in France.
CHRIS: I thought the Neo-Trotskyists were going to put a stop to that.
WOMAN: They’re not having any more luck that the Gaullists did.
MAN: Europe is falling apart.
WOMAN: Well, at least we don’t have to worry about that kind of thing here.
DAX: Don’t count on it.


Predicting the future as ever.




This particular moment in Star Trek is actually quite important. A lot of people don’t realise that understanding something is not the same as approving of something. This particular episode (A Taste of Armageddon) had a civilization where war was fought on computers instead of on the battlefield and instead of people dying in combat they would send the calculated amount of “casualties” into a camp to die. Kirk is outraged completely by this and rightly should be, but Spock is not so overtly disapproving. He understands why they might think their solution is better for their civilization and takes the time to think about why they are doing it. Even though he can understand why, he still believes it is wrong for them to be doing it. 

There is a separation between understanding something and  approving of something that a lot of people seem to miss. 

Someone needs to tell this to a lot of people on this website

- Mod Helga





yanno those white noise sites like or the cafe shop one? i’d like an Enterprise bridge one, please. Soft beeping, maybe some chill version of amok time theme or something, and every now and then the crew calmly issuing orders or reading something sciency. im watching the lights of zetar and this evasive scene? is super calming and i need it on infinite repeat somehow.
someone make this happen.


Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs)

Star Trek: The Original Series Engine Sound ( Idling for 2+ hours )

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A list of Star Trek Audio noises (some of them repeat for a long time)